Answer To The List Thingy

Wassup guys? FW here. Anyway, I’m SO SORRY that I haven’t posted in so long, BUT… I’m back! And summer vacation is here! So that’s good 😀

So, a friend of mine, Lucky Wing (Please check out her amazing blog!) made this list of questions from Poptropica, and I’ll be answering these questions here! But I can’t answer ALL of the questions, so I just picked my favorites and answered them! Alrighty, let’s get started! Oh, almost forgot, here’s the link to the post:

Alright, NOW let’s get started! XD

What color is Dr. Hare’s hair? Bunny or otherwise?

For that question, I REALLY don’t know, but I do know his haircut (just try customizing the freaking outfit). But let’s just assume bunny boy has some random color… Which I’ll be pulling off my marker box (Yes I’m doing this right now XD)! Don’t worry, I’ll close my eyes 😛

NOW, for the moment of truth you’ve all been waiting for….

Uh, antique white! We have a winner!


*cough* yesItookapicturewhatareyougonnadosueme?

So shades of white is a thing now? I thought it was just the absence of color! Welp, that’s what I get for playing this game of “which color is it?”

Are there 2 moons over Poptropica? Because there’s Pewter Moon, and then the other moon from Lunar Colony so…

Unless Astro-Knights became a colony that runs independently and took Pewter Moon with them, YES.

Do you think Ringmaster Raven ever snapped out of his trance? 

FW: *runs to Raven and hugs him*

RR: Huh?

FW: Shh.

What happened to the villains from Super Power? Did they lose their powers? And if they didn’t, how are they still in jail? 

Five words: The handcuffs prove it ALL.

You know those Poptropicans with wings? Like mine for instance, my angel wings? Why don’t they ever fly anywhere?!

Easy. Just go to super power island, you’ll know why very soon. huehuehue…

Be honest, did the lady on Ghost Story make you scream?

No! Um…

Oh fine, yes.

How did Dr Hare get out of space? You destroyed his Rabbot and he didn’t have a space suit. So how did he end up on Reality TV?

Maybe his bunny costume doubled as a space suit? Then, he crashed in the sea and they took him to pelican rock! Where bunny boy lives to this day!!

No? Oh well, whatever.

‘Kay, that’s it! So, do you agree with my answers? Yes? No? Maybe? Tell me in the comments! Bye!





I have a DeviantArt account!

Yeah, kinda late to post this but, I made a DeviantArt account!

Anyway, the user is TigerLily1505.

Oh, and one more thing, I also made this space background which I’m probably gonna draw Binary Bard on:

Binary World Background.png


Soooo, that’s all for today, sorry for the short post, by the way.




Costume Contest Winners! :)

I can’t believe it! The answer (which took forever to come) is finally here! The winning costumes were announced! How about I show you guys?

So, the first out of the two grand prize winners was ocean princess by Creepy Peanut, here’s a picture if you’d like to see it (or if you’re too lazy to go on the creators blog😛).

“Ocean Princess” by Creepy Peanut

Very nice and detailed, if you ask me. Here’s what the creators had to say about it:

The Poptropica Creators loved this mermaid entry’s beautiful design, and we thought that many Poptropicans would really like this costume. We will make a merman version, too!

Let’s move on to the second grand prize winner, shall we?

“Hip-Hop Boy” by Speedy Toes

Super rad👌 Here’s what the creators had to say about this one:

This costume appealed to the Poptropica Creators because it’s full of action. We think we can come up with some cool actions to go with the costume, and it’ll be fun for all Poptropicans!

Ooh, ooh! I have an idea for an action! How about the boombox starts playing songs and the poptropican starts dancing? That’d be cool! I’ll grab my Mp3 player! *starts singing*…

… Uh, that was awkward, just, um, pretend you never saw me singing! I’m not very good at it😂

But wait! Don’t go yet! There’s also a poll on the creators’ blog to see which one of the 20 chosen ones will get a prize too! Mine didn’t make it, but hey, there’s still LOTS (and I mean lots) of talented people out there who deserved to win more than I did, so congrats, everyone!

NOW you can go, and if you did make it in the voting, good luck!


Who wants to be in some art?

Hey everybody! FW here, so, as y’alls  can see in the title, who wants to be in…

Drum roll please…

OK, I think I’m being too dramatic, the point is, who wants to be in my TCPB art contest entry?

So, I’m going to be drawing a picture of everyone celebrating TCPB’s first birthday, just say if you want to be in the picture in the comments (optional: you can tell me what you want to be doing in the picture).

Sorry for the really, really, ridiculously short post. So, that’s all for today, bye!

Poptropica Worlds and Fan Art…

Hey guys! FW here with the latest post on my blog! First things first, the creators just posted something interesting on their blog…


Sorry about, uh, whatever that was, but no way! The new poptropica  Poptropica Worlds’ trailer finally came out, let’s see what that will be like…

And the other thing was, I got a Wacom tablet for Xmas and its AMAZING! I even did my first Steven Universe fan art!


Sorry for the bad lighting.

So, what do you guys think? Tell me in the comments! That’s all for today, everyone! Bye!


January’s Islands Of The Month

I’m back, people!

Image result for entrance gif

I love using gifs, get used to it.

Anyway… Last week Skinny Moon posted about this month’s IOTMs, and they are Time Tangled island ( AKA the first island I ever completed) and Arabian Nights.

They also posted some videos, 2 of which I assume to be trailers… Which I will also post right here:

I think its best to watch the video walk-through in the creators’s blog, this post is already getting filled with gifs, pictures, videos, etc. Or use the PHB guides, they’re always helpful to me 🙂

So that’s all for today, have a fantastic day!





Something awesome!

No way! You guys have to read the latest post in the creators’ blog! Or maybe I could just put the very important details here:

We’re so impressed, in fact, that there is NO WAY we can choose one grand prize winner. So we won’t. We’ll choose two winners! Each winner will get a 6-month Poptropica subscription, have their costume created by Poptropica and sold in the Poptropica Store, and see their costume worn by a Poptropican on the Home Island!

But wait, there’s more!

We’re also going to have ten runners-up that YOU vote on! The Poptropica Creators will pick 20 costumes for you to vote on in January, here on the blog. The top ten with the most votes will get a 3-month Poptropica subscription and get their costume created and sold in the Poptropica Store later in 2017!

I… I… *faints, random person appears and throws bucket of water on me* Sorry about that, I just can’t believe it! Now everyone has a bigger chance of seeing their costumes on the store catalog! Good luck everyone!


P.S. I’ll see if I can show you guys my first entry (which I finished) later in another post😉

P.P.S. RIP Carrie Fisher, you be missed😢

P.P.P.S Wait! Wait! Don’t stop reading this post yet! Almost forgot about this one: RIP Debbie Reynolds (AKA Carrie Fisher’s mum, who died a day later after she did), you will be missed a LOT too…